Earth orbit welcomes careful drivers: space traffic control and the space junk problem

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Earth orbit currently hosts around 2000 operational satellites, along with a large number of dead satellites, rocket parts and other related space junk. Recent large growth in the civil usage of space is leading to a genuine concern that without proper management, Earth orbit risks becoming too polluted to safely launch any new satellites or spacecraft. Tracking objects and predicting collisions is one key part of solving this problem, but ensuring long term sustainable access to space requires something more ambitious: space traffic control.

I will describe the space junk problem and how we have ended up in the current situation, what is required to achieve global space traffic control, and what astronomers, such as myself, are doing to help.

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6:30pm - 7:30pm, 31st Jul

Church Hall

£5.00 at the door, includes a glass of wine/soft drink


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